GK Made Bonecutters

One of our most popular and sought after Khukuries.

These are one of the best khuks I make. They are true villagers made for use and abuse. They don't look Fancy and Shiny, but they are the most primitive khukuries you can buy. These khuks are very hard to copy. You can copy the shape but unless you are extremely experienced there is no way you can copy the balance, feel and weight distribution. I make all the bonecutters myself. Tempering is done by Thulba, who has 50 years of experience on making tools.

 ​If you want to buy one of our Bonecutters, please email me at info@gurkha-khukuri.com with the size and sheath choice you are interested in. You can also check my ONLINE SHOP for availability.

Here is what my customers are saying about the GK Bonecutters Khukuri

Jim akaHollowdweller from Bladeforum.

I bought one of the first ones maybe 10 years ago and bar none it remains one of my favorites.I have several of the sizes and the 16" model has to be my ideal khuk. The weight to chopping power is great. The balance is near perfect and the tempering has been great on nearly all specimens I have handled. One immediate wonder of these lot is that despite the thick spine, the balance and weight are amazing. Please click here to  Read the full Review on Bladeforums.

Click Here for another review by one of my regular customers from Bladeforums.

I have found with other khuks that they make the blades edge either little soft or too hard. Soft tempering and you get bending of the edge. On the other hand if the tempering is too hard edge gets brittle and you get chipping of the edge. To make up for this problem khuks edge are made little thick to chop really deep. However, this is not the case with GK Bonecutters. It has a very fine edge.One more thing I like about Bonecutters is I don't have to spend hours tweaking the blade edge to get it to cut smooth. They come very sharp and you can compare the edge retention with the GB Hatchets.After sending chips flying, the edge stability is awesome and still shaves paper. 

The flare of the handle at the end and the lack of a butt cap allows you to snap the khuk before impact to get more force and keeps the butt from digging into your hand like other khuks.