Deals and Blems

I will post all the deals and blems I have for sale in this page. You can email me to check the availability on these khukuries.

So What are Blems? I sell Kukris that have developed minor problems as a blem. Some have cracked handles, shrunk wooden handles, loose or tight fitting scabbards, problem with buttcap and bolster, missing karda and chakmak. These khukuries will be an excellent choice if you are into customizing and modifying knives for yourself. I will offer these khukuries for a huge discount. You can play with these blades, make your own custom handles or scabbards etc. All the blades are perfectly fine. Only problems are handles, scabbards, buttcap, bolsters and missing karda and chakmak. I will post each khukuri available as a blem here in this page. I will also provide a detail description of khukuries and what problem they have. If you need any more info, pictures or would like to purchase these khukuris please contact me at info@gurkha-khukuri.comThese khuks will make an excellent project knife for you to play around and modify them.

Currently Available Deals on Blems.