Who is GK? Who makes the Khukuries?

My name is Pradip. I live in a remote area of Nepal. My family have been making khukuries as long as I can remember. I make all the blades for our Khukuries myself. I also have three more people in my team, who help me build these Khukuries. Khukuri making is a hard work. It is not possible to make one entirely by yourself. My team consist of Tulsi, who is my hammering helper. Mamre, who makes handles and sometimes scabbard. He also finishes the khukuri, do polishing works etc. Thulba is my Uncle. He has been making farming tools and equipments since last 45 years. He does all the tempering work on the Khukuries we make. He is also incharge of selecting and grading steels for the various knives we make. Please check my About Us page for more details.

How do I buy one of the GK Khukuries?

​You can buy my khukuries at our online shop. http://gurkha-khukuri.com/shop/. The buy it now link will take you to secure Paypal site where you can buy these safe and secure. We will not store any credit card info. You will complete the purchase in Paypal website. Other option is to email me with the khukri you want at info@gurkha-khukuri.com or send me a message using my Contact Us page and I will reply you with all the details necessary to make a purchase.

What about Guarantee? Do Khukuries come with any Warranty?

All GK Khukuries and Knives I sell comes with lifetime common sense warranty. If any of the khukuri fail during normal use like chopping, clearing trails, limbing trees, preparing firewoods, general purpose cutting, use as a camp knife etc, I will replace the Khukuri for you. Damage caused by throwing a khukuri as a throwing knife is not covered under my warranty. I also have a 100% Satisfaction or your money back Guarantee with all the khukuries I sell. If you are in any way not satisfied with your purchase you can return the Khukuri for full refund of your purchase price. Depending upon situtiation I also refund original shipping charges. Most of the Khuk I sell also comes with my Usual Satisfaction guarantee which is If you don't like it you can ship it back at my cost. This applies to USA sales only. More info about my Guarantee and Warranty can be found at my GK'S Guarantee Page Here.

Shipping and Handling Questions.

Most of the Khukuries and Knives I sell ships from USA. As it is very uneconomical to ship individual Khuks, I ship Khukuries in batches to USA. My Nephew helps me ship those khukuries from there. All the orders that ship from USA to USA are free of shipping cost. The price you see in my online shop is what you pay. There is no extra shipping and Handling charges. However,  some of the custom orders I make are directly shipped to you from Nepal. In such case I will charge you a shipping cost of $45.00 for the first knife and $25.00 extra for each additional Knife. I use DHL or TNT to ship those products. They will deliver your order between seven to twelve days anywhere in the World.  Because of the high shipping charges, if you decide to return any of the custom order, I will deduct the shipping charges I paid from your refund.   Also if you want to return the Khukuri you can return it to my USA address. So its totally Hassle free.

Placing a Custom order.